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The Land of Sky P20 Council members represent early childhood education, K-12 education, postsecondary education, local government, and industry–but that’s not all of the stakeholders in the education and workforce ecosystem. We created our Student Ambassador program to fill one key gap of essential stakeholders by including and elevating student voices in our work to improve education and workforce outcomes in the Land of Sky region. By sharing their perspectives and experiences with our P20 Council members, these dedicated and passionate individuals have added the essential component of Students as Stakeholders. Their voices are vital to our work, and their input about the strengths, challenges, and opportunities in our region’s cradle-to-career pipeline is helping us learn more about factors that might remove or ease potential barriers to student success.

Land of Sky P20 Council Student Ambassadors for Fall 2023

Heidi Anugrah

Abigail Blankenship

Cate Boyette

Eleura Clark

Citlally Diaz Mar

Ella Estrada

Rodion Floresku

Ashleigh Grieves

Marion Hawsey

Emily Hazzard

Lucian Iavorschi

Kimberly Jones

Natalia López

Stuart Maise

Aaron Marquez-Cruz

Taylor McHone

Kaylie Phillips

Fanny Reynoso-Diaz

Michael "Hilton" Swing

Eric Velez

Student Ambassadors


High Schools

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