Updated 12/8/2023: Our new KPIs are available under Progress in our Goals menu.

Our Mission

The Land of Sky P20 Council fosters collaboration among employers, educators, and community members in the spirit of enduring economic prosperity, through the alignment of innovative cradle-to-career skills and resources that lead to life-sustaining job opportunities in our four-county region of western North Carolina.

Our Vision

To prepare a workforce with the needed skills and competencies leading to employment at a life sustainable wage level.

Our Objective

The Land of Sky P20 Council will implement strategies with an inclusive and innovative lens to align credentials of value with local employer needs that leads to family-sustainable wages in order to produce an additional 10,000 individuals in the workforce by the year 2030.

What do we really C.A.R.E. about measuring?

When selecting KPIs to track our progress, we decided that each must be:

C – Common across our four counties

A – Accessible

R – Realistic to measure at least yearly

E – Essential to our P20 mission

With these criteria in mind, we decided on two KPIs for each of our four strategic directions.

Where Do We Stand with All of P20’s Strategic Goals?

Our data visualizations for these new KPIs are almost complete, and are web design firm, Integritive, is in the process of updating our website. Stay tuned!


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Emily Nicholson, Executive Director, Land of Sky P20 Council



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